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Volunteer Spotlight: Lori Garrick

Sep 14, 2020

Meet Lori Garrick, 苹果BET8平台登录链接 VP, Programming! During her time on the 苹果BET8平台登录链接 board, Lori has helped create and organize a variety of events that focus on building skills, gaining insights and learning more within our local marketing industry.

Meet 苹果BET8平台登录链接 Member Shawn Anne Buttschau!

Aug 17, 2020

Read how Shawn Anne reconnected with the local MN marketing community and broadened her knowledge of the industry through a variety of programming.


Volunteer Spotlight: Shannon Olson

Jul 20, 2020

Meet Shannon Olson, 苹果BET8平台登录链接 VP, Marketing & Communications! During her time on the 苹果BET8平台登录链接 board, Shannon has used her marketing and leadership skills to help lead 苹果BET8平台登录链接's marketing team and execute communication plans.

Meet 苹果BET8平台登录链接 Member Melissa Fors!

Jun 15, 2020

Learn how Melissa has made new connections and found valuable resources to help support her career and her team with opportunities from BET8平台登录会员.


Volunteer Spotlight: Alissa Bartlett

May 17, 2020

Meet Alissa Bartlett, 苹果BET8平台登录链接 VP, Volunteer & Talent Acquisition! During her time as a board member with 苹果BET8平台登录链接, Alissa has helped connect volunteers in our community to enable them to reach their goals and support our organization.

Meet 苹果BET8平台登录链接 Member Brian Delgado!

Apr 13, 2020

Learn how Brian enjoys connecting with our community to share ideas and inspiration as well as take advantage of our variety of educational opportunities


Volunteer Spotlight: Jenna Mushro

Mar 13, 2020

Meet Jenna Mushro, 苹果BET8平台登录链接 Volunteer Committee volunteer! As a former board member and veteran volunteer with 苹果BET8平台登录链接, Jenna has been a great asset to our organization's continued success.

Meet 苹果BET8平台登录链接 Member Lisa France!

Feb 15, 2020

Lisa has loved learning about how business-context insights can support marketing by connecting with our community and gaining new ideas from our events.


Volunteer Spotlight: Courtney Medick

Jan 16, 2020

Meet Courtney Medick, 苹果BET8平台登录链接 member and Marketing Committee volunteer. Thank you to Courtney, and all our volunteers. Everything the 苹果BET8平台登录链接 offers wouldn't be possible without the amazing work of our volunteers.

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