Allen Shen

Digital Marketing Content Role @ Medtronic

Collegiate Relations - Director at Large
BET8平台登录会员 Minnesota Board of Directors

Allen graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2011 and received his bachelor of science degree in business and marketing. He started his career in international business by working on Governor Mark Dayton's trade mission to China right after graduation. Upon finishing his role at the Minnesota Trade office, Allen moved to Shanghai, China to work for a French company, Chauvin Arnoux, as their Marketing Communication/International Sales Manager. As a result of implementing common sense and proactive business measure, he helped the company to grow 20% in sales in the Taiwan/Hong Kong market.

After almost five years working in China, Allen decided to bring his international business insights back to the US and help to add values to American companies on the global stage. Currently, he is in an internal communications role at 3M.